This Week's Top Gadgets

Welcome to Week 15's top Gadgets by The Gadget Magazine!

This week, we focused on finding trending tech products. We had them shipped over to our office from our suppliers to test them thoroughly, just for you!

Some tech gadgets are perfect for a lovely evening with your favorite one: the new pockets sized projector and the new LED flame bulb!


Whilst some other help out making the make-up less frustrating like the vanity mirror and the 360-degree rotating make-up organizer. Additionally, the wireless headphones are the ideal companion for chilling music!

We were all very excited about the arrival of the "Fire bulb." If it really held what it promised, it may be one of the best low-cost gadgets we have tested on The Gadget Magazine. And guess what, it was!

The Quality Check

 We ordered the white E26 bulb for our testing. Installation is as simple as it seems, screw it into the lamp and light it up. The buttons on the lamp are there for switching between the three modes. Whilst testing, we noticed it also has a gravity feature, which means that the lamp will always "burn" in the right direction.

Our thoughts

Yes, it is the best low-cost gadget we have in The Gadget Magazine right now. The color is warming, the flame imitation is realistic and everything was working perfectly. 10/10


Written by Richard Bielawski

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