Does Phen375 Work the Way People Say It Does

Most definitely, yes. In fact, consumer testimonials are some of the best ways to learn more about how well this program can work. Take a look at the below testimonials to show proof that these diet pills are reliable and worth trying.

Most people struggle on seeking what real people think of Phen375, but these testimonials will help you see that Phen375 really does work no matter what.

User Testimonials that Prove Phen375 Works

The following user reviews are taken from Phen375 testimonials page. You can find more users reviews that proof that the Phen375 works really well on the page.


Anavel from the United States was able to go from 206lbs down to 175lbs in as little as a few weeks. She fist lost 8lbs after two weeks, and after a few more weeks, she completely changed her body and life.

Before and After

She has explained how the pills in h body have slowly grown and changed little by little. Anavel was definitely very big, and although she knows that her body still needs some work, she understands how powerful these pills have been to her so far.

She really does know how far her body has gone. She is slowly experiencing more and more ecstatic energy each and everyday.


Tristan started using these pills back in June of 2012 with a starting weight of around of 325lbs. After two short months, which is equivalent to only 8 weeks, he lost almost 45lbs combined. He was able to get rid of all that useless fat.

Before and After

He has explained that some of his bulges are still a bit obvious in his body, but he really is seeing a lot of results of a stronger body and a better looking chest. He really has changed his life, and he says that his appetite is not the same as it used to be.

Unlike most people who say that they have experienced a lot of side effects, Tristan is one of the majority who experienced literally no side effects.


Morgan has lost 21 pounds after a short time. She found that her face has gotten smaller with her body looking more slim. She also understands the difficulties in terms of how hard it is to lose weight, and after just a couple of weeks she has changed her life tremendously.

Before and After

Beside those user testimonials, there are still lots of reviews from the other consumers to ensure you that the phen375 really work.

Phen375 is a wonderful set of diet pills that is mostly known for its famous power of eliminating fat and making the entire body quickly increase it’s metabolism.

As you can see above, the testimonials show that this works. Does Phen375 work the same way that everybody says? That is most definitely a complete yes, and the consumer testimonials prove it.

Getting Ahead Of The Crowd Means Learning How To Get Taller Fast

For some people, being tall is the holy grail of social acceptance, and people still look for means to how to get taller fast as they always have.Here we are not talking about a midget which you can find the legal midget height here. And even in this modern day and age, people still look up (no pun intended) to tall people in whatever level of society they are in. It might be because they are more easily noticeable because tall people stand a head taller, and hence stand easily out in the crowd. Or it could be that their bearing commands more presence. Whatever the case, tall people do get noticed first, and for some people that tiny sliver of attention is all they need in order to get ahead of the crowd. Learning to get taller fast can be done .

So does this mean that vertically challenged people should be taken out of the equation? Absolutely not. Oftentimes, the only thing that separates the tall people from the average height folks is confidence. Not the physical height; it hardly ever comes into play at all. It’s confidence that will win the day, every day. If you know your strengths and weaknesses and are pretty good at what you do AND are confident in your dealings with other people, then there’s no way that you will be picked last ever again.
That being said, even if you have no issues with your confidence, are just fine with your life as it is and have no ambition to become a pro athlete or a super model (thankfully) at that stage in your life, you could still benefit from activities that most people who want to learn how to get taller fast are using on a daily basis, just simply for their health benefits alone.

How To Get Taller Fast Must Include a Proper Nutrition
Learning how to get taller fast must include a healthy dose of calcium for cellular regeneration, proteins and amino acids for muscle and bone growth, and yes, even the dreaded calories taken in reasonable moderation for your body’s much needed energy consumption. Depriving your body of these basic nutrients will stunt your growth, even if you have no intention of learning how to get taller fast.

Learning How To Get Taller Fast with Stretching and Exercise
Learning how to get taller fast should include stretching and indulging in hyper active exercises that stretch and tone your muscles, such as cycling and swimming, will also have great tremendous benefits for you. Not only are you letting your to accelerate metabolism rate and promote cardio vascular fitness, but exercise releases endorphins that keep you active and feeling like the tallest person the whole day.

There are ways to learn how to get taller fast and there are professionals that can teach you how to get taller fast .. However, bear in mind that a healthy person, both in body, spirit and mind gets more positive attention more times than the tallest person in the room. Learn how to get taller fast and also grow your body,spirit and mind .

Promoting Physical Fitness & Regular Activity

Most of us know that physical fitness helps improve our overall Physical Fitnesshealth and wellness, reduces our chance of chronic disease, and is helpful in weight maintenance but we still do not actively engage ourselves in it. 60% of Americans do not get enough physical activity and less than 25% of U.S. adults do not participate in recreational or leisure time physical activity!

I most often refer exercise to physical activity as many of us associate the term “exercise” with something negative. I’m sure that you know what I am talking about and so does your employees.

Banner promoting iTRAIN. Links to main page with all the workouts.

Reaping the benefits from staying active doesn’t mean that you have to go jump on treadmill for an hour or join the local gym. It is important to understand that there are so many forms of activities that can help us achieve the recommended amount of physical activity during our day. Here are some ideas:

Taking the stairs instead of the
elevator in public buildings.

Push mowing the yard or gardening.

Taking your kids or your pets for a walk.

Parking further away from the shopping mall or at work instead of the closest stall to the front door.

Check out these products that I have hand selected as recommendations to get you going! They are also great items to use for your worksite health promotion programs!

Looking for a new, more challening workout???

Check out P90X!!!

Often times we feel that we don’t have enough time to add anything else into our busy schedules. Each of the above activities do not requite any additional equipment, funds, are quite easy to do, and can be completed during everyday tasks.

Achieving the recommended daily amount of physical activity in your busy schedule may seem difficult at first. However, today the new 2008 physical activity guidelines are focused more on encouraging different types and amounts of activities for better health. This is great news especially news for the

Employers must promote activities that encourage regular physical activities as part of your worksite health promotion program. There are literally hundreds of ways to get your employees moving more throughout their workday. Here are some ideas for you to check out!

Do you know that the recommendations for daily physical activity has changed? Check out the new 2008 recommendations for physical activity.

Do You Know How Much Physical Activity You Are Getting?
How can you increase your physical activity unless you know how much you are already getting? I recommend using one of these pedometers to help you get on the right track, or foot! Energy balance is about calories in versus calories out! Help employees understand the importance of calorie counting!

Recipe Whole Wheat Flax Tortillas

I’ve talked about my love of flax before like here and especially here. I haven’t really gone into my love for tortillas yet although you may have seen my recipe for whole wheat tortillas. Typically I don’t eat bread but I do enjoy tortillas. I love Mexican food so I make taco salad or burritos at least once a week. It is a go to dinner that can be packed with vegetables and little effort hence my love affair. I use my own taco seasoning to season my meat – usually ground turkey or chicken breast.

Due to my constant Mexican food devotion and my one year olds love of warm tortillas with honey and peanut butter, I make tortillas at least once a week now. Well I decided I needed to change my recipe around a little so I tweaked it and this is what I came up with – a much more pliable tortilla with a great flavor. These are my new favorite.


2 1/2 cups of whole wheat pastry flour*
3 tablespoons ground flax meal
1 teaspoon salt
4 tablespoons of grapeseed oil
1 cup of boiling water

Combine the flour, flax, and salt in mixing bowl.

Add grapeseed oil and combine with hands to get a crumbly mixture. Using your hands will ensure the oil is thoroughly mixed.

Using a glass measuring cup, microwave water until boiling (depends on the strength of your microwave so just watch it)

Add most of the water to the flour mixture and incorporate with a fork or wooden spoon. Add more water, if needed. I typically use at least one cup but the type of flour can alter this.

Once you have a dough ball formed divide it in half using a knife then divide those portions into six so you will have twelve portions.

Roll the portions into balls and place on flat surface (cookie sheet, cutting board, etc.) and let rest for 15 minutes to one hour. I cover mine with a kitchen towel during this time.

Heat pan on medium heat. I’ve used a non-stick skillet as well as a cast iron skillet and the results are the same.

Using your rolling pin and some flour, roll out dough balls into thin tortilla shaped circles (although shape doesn’t matter).

Spray pan with oil, try to dust off excess flour, and cook both sides of tortilla until done (one minute or so on each side)

Enjoy immediately or store in ziplock back in fridge after completely cool.

*In place of whole wheat pastry flour you can use 2 cups of whole wheat flour and 1/2 cup of unbleached all purpose flour.


Candida yeast is present in all people in varying amounts
and is not going to cause a problem unless it is allowed to
increase to a high percentage in the body, in comparison to
the friendly bacteria that are designed to keep it under control.
Since the introduction of certain antibiotics into our society,
Candidiasis has become a problem of almost epidemic perportions.
Antibiotics are a factor in the developement of candidiasis because
they kill off the friendly bacteria within the digestive system that
keep the common yeast, Candida Albicans, under control.
When candida yeast overgrows it’s bounds, it can cause a
variety of immediate symptoms, which include general fatigue,
gas, bloating, diarrhea and frequent vaginal infections in women.
A more complete list of symptoms includes constant fatigue
and a loss of interest in sex, thrush (Candida overgrowth in the
mouth), canker sores, sore throat and constant cough,
constipation, intestinal cramps, rectal itch, bladder
infections, general menstraul problems, and low immune function.

Doctors will often attempt to treat or cover all of the indiviual
symtoms rather than address the single cause. This is terribly
unfortunate, as the doctor’s treatments may actually worsen the
That is why we at The Healthy Cure believe in “Eliminating the
Causes, Not just covering the Symptoms!”

Ensuring that the proper balance exists within the digestive system
is key to defeating and preventing Candidiais.
The healthy, or what is often termed, “Friendly” bacteria that is
designed to balance your digestive system are those such as
Acidophilus (pronounced: Acid – off – olis), and L-Bifidus
( pronounced: L Biff – o – diss).
When these friendly bacteria are present within the digestive
system, as they should always be, they will assist in the proper
digestion and assimilation of nutrients through the intestinal walls,
while at the same time ensuring proper elimination of waste products.
However, when these friendly bacteria are killed off through the use of
antibiotic, as well as other factors, just the opposite can become true.
A person will begin to eliminate the nutrients while absorbing the toxins.
And the Candida yeast which is present is also allowed to grow out
of control.
If allowed to develop to a latter and more serious stage, Candidiasis
can also lead to depression, allergies, and the inability to concentrate.
It should be noted that oral contraceptives that contain estrogen,
plus corticosteroids, ulcer medication such as Tagament and Zantac,
and a high sugar diet can contribute to the development of
The Candida yeast thrives in a high sugar environment.
If you are using an oral contraceptive, you may wish to switch to
another form while treating Candidiasis. If you begin taking the
contraceptive again after a successful treatment, and notice that
your symptoms are returning, you may consider eliminating this form
of contracteptive in exchange for another.
The diagnosis of Candidiasis is in the treatment itself. If you feel
that your symptoms indicate that you may have Candidiasis,
try following the suggestions below. You may begin to feel
improvement within just a few days, however it is suggested that
the following program be used for 25 to 35 days.

Do your best to avoid bread, baked goods, cheese, mushrooms,
vingar, soy sauce, plus fermented foods such as olives, pickles,
and alcholic beverages.

As stated earlier, the Candida yeast loves a high sugar environment.
Consider this. A battle is raging within your digestive tract.
The enemy troops are the candida yeast bacteria, literally millions,
if not billions of little destructive soldiers wreaking havoc in your body.
Starve the enemy! By eliminating yeasts and sugars from your body,
you will starve and weaken the enemy, giving your heros, the
Acidopholis, and other friendly bacteria, the upper hand in winning
the war!
The obvious sugars to avoid are those found in cakes, cookies,
ice cream, chocolate and sodas. But for the purpose of the 25 to 35
day treatment, do your best to reduce or eliminate even the preferred
sugars as those found in dried fruits, honey, and sweetners such as
malt, barley, fructose and fruit juice.
Also avoid milk and milk products, because they contains high
levels of milk sugars known as lactose. Trace Antibiotics may also
be present, which were originally administered to the cow, often in
very high dosages.

Now that you are weakening the defenses of the Canida yeast,
the second portion of the treatment is to introduce your army of
friendly bacteria into your system.
As mentioned earlier, Acipopholis is often indroduced by itself
with favorable results. It is most effective if you take it three times
a day, morning , noon, and night.
However, if you truly wish to provide a complete digestive program,
then consider the formula known as Sustenase.
(L. salivarius, L. acidophilus DDS-1?, L. bulgaricus and
L. Bifidobacterium bifidum).
I know that’s a mouthful, but this is the needed Acodophilus and
L Bifidus that we mentioned earlier .
The formula is a two stage system which also contains a series of
natural digestive enzymes which provides a complete program
designed to aid digestion from mouth to intestinal tract.
The benefits and description of the system are too much to mention
For a complete desciption and ingredient list, click the link below.
Please click here for complete information about Sustenase
One more weapon that should be in your arsenal is “The Garlic Bomb!”
Garlic is known to be an effective anti fungal agent, and could go a long
way toward helping you win the Candidiasis battle.
Add garlic to your diet in it’s preferred natural form, or in capsules.
The Healthy Cure prefers the natural form, as it is a whole food, and the
garlic is more potent when consumed this way.
We know that garlic is an aquired taste and requires understanding from
your friends and family, but once you’ve aquired a taste for it, you will
find yourself putting it in everything!

The battle against Candidiasis then becomes a simple regimine of increasing
the healthy bacteria in your digestive tract, while at the same time, eliminating
sugars and yeasts as much as possible.

The Healthy Cure staff supports your decision of pursuing better health and
is here to help you.If you have any specific health questions, please post them
to one of our bulletin boards.


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22.  Pycnogenol? increases the pathologically low capillary wall resistance. Pycnogenol? is shown to be the most potent among other bioflavonoids tested. Pycnogenol? provides strength to capillary walls and makes them less permeable and thus contributes to anti-oedema, anti-inflammatory effects.  Gabor, M.Engi, E. and Sonkodi, S. (1993).  Die Kapillarwandresistenz und ihre Beeinfiussung durch wasserlOsliche Flavonderivate bei spontan hypertonischen Ratten. Phlebologie, 22:178-182.

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25.  Pycnogenol? prevents the breakdown of elastin, a type of connective tissue, through inflammation and free-radical attack. This action explains how Pycnogenol? strengthens blood vessels and other tissues such as skin.  Tixier, J. M., Godeau, G., Robert, A. M. and Homebeck, W. (1984).  Evidence by in vivo and in vitro studies that binding of Pycnogenols to elastin affects its rate of degradation by elastases. Biochemical Pharmacology, 33: 3933-3939.

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